Oswald is the brains of the pack, he takes his job very seriously. He is always on the lookout for potential problems. Oswald's best friend is Big Dean, they have known each other since they were puppies. he knows he can count on Dean whenever there is a big problem. Oswald is a very strong character and the pack look up to him as a team leader.

Big Dean

Big Dean is the entertainer of the pack, he will constantly keep the pack smiling and in good spirits. His act of "I am what I am" is very impressive and keeps Frederick entertained for hours. Big Dean's close friend is Oswald, he is like a brother to him. He is the only person that will believe everything Oswald says, even when the pack get disstracted.


Bernard has been at Factory Dogs for 7 years, he started as a young apprentice back in the day. Over his time here, Bernard has worked in every department and knows the Factory inside out. He was happy to pass the reins onto Oswald as team leader, his days of arm wrestling and football are getting beyond him. He is happy to sit back, test the Factory machines and sleep in his spare time.


If Norman was asked to plait sawdust he would try all night until he could come up with a way of doing so. He loves his job and would go out of his way to help meet deadlines etc. Norman would do anything to stay clear of an argument, he doesn't like confrontations. Norman loves designing and inventing new products that will help run the Factory better.


Frederick would do anything for a simple easy life, where he could wander into work whenever he wanted, eat chocolate and pizza on the job and sing out of tune to his hearts delight. But... given a situation or a problem he's right there in the middle of it. He loves a good mystery. Not that he is any good at solving them, he just doesn't like to miss out on any kind of adventure.


Dermot has worked in all types of jobs and has come across many different characters. He was left stranded at birth by his parents and had to fend for himself. Dermot's pride and joy is his gold tooth. He likes keeping it nice and shiney. Factory Dogs is a new chapter in Dermot's life.

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